my costume portfolio

by Heidi  •  may 16, 2016

As I update my website, I'm gradually adding back some older posts that had gone missing. If you don't see what you want, drop me an email.

cruella costumethe Sea Witch

by Heidi  • October 2016

"I admit that in the past I've been a nasty They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch... "

cruella costumeSteampunk Poison Ivy

by Heidi  • October 2016

The super villainess gets a neo-Victorian makeover.

cruella costumethe Dognapper

by Heidi  • October 2016

"If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will... Cruella... Cruella Deville!"

futurama leelafuturama's Leela & Fry

by Heidi  • 2014 - 2016

We finished this couples' costume just in time for Dragon Con 2016.

futurama leelathe Fairy Tale Teller

by Heidi  • 2016

A steampunk character based on Regency menswear. I used a vintage pattern from 1921 for this outfit.

the princess posse

by Heidi  • 2015 - 2016

These fairy tale characters appear monthly at Fairy Princess Storytime (a children's event). So far, I've made outfits for Princess Ana & the Snow Queen, Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother, Brave, Tinkerbelle, and Maid Marian.

Snow Queen Costume Elsa Frozen Dress Gown Beauty and the Beast Gown Maid marian fairy tinker bell Brave Costume Princess Gown Brave Costume Princess Gown

Mr Mrs Jellyfish Costumes mr. and mrs. jellyfish

by Scott  • 2014

A fun cosplay for dragon con's night at the aquarium. The otters loved us, so I feel like this was a success!

Star Trek Uniformsstar trek TOS uniforms

by Heidi  • 2015

These dresses are based on Simplicity 8028. We wore them to Dragon Con 2015

Tudor simplicity 2589 2621 Anne Boleyn anne boleyn, tudor costume

by Heidi  • 2010 - 2014

Simplicity 2589 and Simplicity 2621. Black and silver Tudor gown with corset, farthingale, and French hood.

Tudor Gown Simplicity 2589tudor gown, earth tones

by Heidi  • 2009

Pattern: Simplicity 2589

wedding gown LOTR wedding gown

by Heidi  • 2010 • Simplicity 9891

a Lord of the Rings inspired wedding gown

mermaid gown

by Heidi  • Vogue 2810

a formal gown with amermaid style skirt with train, and a corset bodice. The fabric is lavender satin.

faerie queen

by Heidi  • McCall's 4995

This black satin dress is based on the costume pattern for padme's maternity nightgown. (Star Wars.)

civil war couples costumecivil war couple

by Heidi 2010  •  McCall's 5132  • Simplicity 9769 • McCall's 4745

On him: a (somewhat inaccurate) Yankee Uniform. On her: a cream muslin day dress over period underpinings.

Regency Gown in Black & Green Simplicity 4055regency gown, black

by Heidi  • Simplicity 4055

Just the thing to wear to a winter ball at Pemberly.

regency gown white muslin simplicity 4055regency gown, white muslin

by Heidi  • Simplicity 4055

Perfect for afternoon tea with Jane Austen.

Neo-Victorian Costume Mina Harkersimplicity 4244 (black)

by Heidi • Simplicity 4244  • 2009

This was a costume commission with some interesting modifications to the pattern requested by the client. There is a dress diary for this costume.

Neo-Victorian Costume Mina Harkervictorian vampire

by Heidi • Simplicity 4244  • 2007

I made this dress as a Halloween costume; I planned to go as "Mina Harker" from the classic book Dracula. There is a short dress diary for this costume.

butterick 5209 TimeTravelCostumes1950's satin LBD

by Heidi  • Butterick 5209

more photos coming soon! thanks for your patience.

vampire prom queen 1980s timetravelcostumesblack & white 80s prom

by Heidi  • commissioned

more photos coming soon! thanks for your patience

Blue Diana Gown

by Heidi  • commissioned

more details coming soon, thanks for your patience

Fergie Wedding Gown Costumefergie wedding gown

by Heidi  • commissioned

A historically inspired reconstruction of the 1980's wedding gown worn by Duchess "Fergie."

Monarch Henchman Costume Cosplay Venture Brothersa Monarch Henchman

by Heidi  • commissioned

Venture Brothers cosplay

Endless Death the endless

by Heidi  • 2004

A group cosplay based on Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman." Character costumes include Death, Dream, Desire, Destiny, Delirium. Photos by David Oke.

Wedding Gown McCall's 3315 wedding gown

by Heidi  • McCall's 3315

A two-piece wedding gown in cream colored satin.

photos by iphotograf sassenach

by Heidi  • Simplicity 8855 

Historically inspired Scottish costume; perfect for an Outlander cosplay.

time travel costumes prom dress with rosettes

by Heidi  •  Style 2757  • 1999

This was my first formal gown; my grandmother helped me with it.