Drawing Board

by Heidi  •  May 2016

This is where I keep track of ideas and projects that I'm currently working on. Since I'm in the process of updating my website, things are a bit messy right now, but it will be worth the wait!

antebellum victorian gown a southern lady

by Heidi  • 2016

This costume commission features a ball gown from the American South in the mid 1860s. The client has requested an "off the shoulder" design with "lots of ruffles."

regency menswearregency menswear

by Heidi  • 2016

This Regency-inspired steampunk costume includes jacket, vest, breeches, chemisette, tie and jabot. I'm using a vintage McCall's pattern from 1921 (tracing onto new paper of course! I would never cut this beautiful antique).

simplicity frozen patternnew princesses

by Heidi  • 2016

I'm still adding to my "princess posse" for Fairy Princess Storytime at the bookshop. The most requested princess is the Snow Queen, followed closely by The Little Mermaid. I'm holding off on Sleeping Beauty until Scott can perfect my fabric that changes color (from blue to pink and back again, of course).