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Princess Storytime at Sandman Book Company
Storytime characters, January 2017. The Fairy Tale Teller, the Rebel Princess, Cinderella, and Tinkerbelle by Time Travel Costumes. (Beauty, Esmeralda, Jack, and the Hawaiian Princess made by their owners.)

princess army on Fox 4

may 2017  • by Heidi

School's out for summer! I called up Mr. Douglas from Theatre Kids and we took our Princess Army back to the news studio, this time to talk about how much fun summer reading is. To view the full video, CLICK HERE.

Frozen Costume Morning Blend Fox 4 Florida

the morning news

March 2017  • by Heidi

The Fairy Tale Teller, the Beast and I had a lovely time visiting the Fox 4 studio! To watch us on "The Morning Blend," CLICK HERE.

Belle Costume Morning Blend Fox 4 Florida

Everyone had such a good time that we were invited back the following week. To view the second video (which features my Wonder Woman costume, for the first time ever!), CLICK HERE.

Fox 4 Morning Blend Storytime with Sandman Book Company

Carole of the Belles

December 2016  • by Heidi

Everyone had a ball at the Christmas party at work this year: it was a cosplay party! It was tons of fun seeing multiple versions of the iconic golden ballgown all in the same place at the same time...

Carole of the Belles Carole of the Belles

in the news

August 2016  • by Heidi

At Tampa Bay Comic Con this weekend, two of my costumes were on the news - in the background, but still! You could see us! Here's a screenshot (I'm in the yellow gown, my friend is wearing the blue & white Belle dress which I also made): Tampa Bay Comic Con Belle Costume