Tudor Gown Costume Anne Boleyn

June 27, 2016  • by Heidi

Today I updated the page for my black Tudor Gown (in preparation for submitting it to a certain contest!!). These photos are from 2014 but I have been so busy this is the first time I've posted them. Lots of construction details, plus some fantasy edits from Images By Mrs. M

Cinderella Costume Cinderella

June 22, 2016  • by Heidi

More Cinderella photos have been posted. Coming next week: Princess Anna & the Snow Queen!

new photos are here

May 2016  •  more updates coming soon

New links are active on the right hand menu. I have quite a few more to go, but I'm working as fast as I can. Thanks for your patience while I update my website!

- Heidi

website under construction

April 14, 2016  •  by Heidi

I'm updating the site as fast as I can; thanks for your patience. In the meantime, follow me on Facebook.

- Heidi