Futurama Leela Fry CostumesFuturama Leela Fry Costumesleela & fry (futurama)

by Heidi  • 2016

This is the third in our "romantic sci fi couples" costume series (Previously: Beauty & The Beast, Mr. & Mrs Jellyfish). Anyone who has watched Futurama knows that Fry & Leela always end up together, no matter what universe, alternate time line, or wierd dimension they find themselves in.

Futurama Leela Fry

Futurama Leela Fry

We can still wear these costumes in fifty years: Futurama

This project was super fun, but ended up taking way more time than I expected, because there were so many accessories. Shoes are expensive...

Futurama Costume Leela Fry

Futurama Costumes Leela Fry

Futurama Costume Leela Fry

How I Made It:

purchased items (Leela):

  • "Planet Express" patch
  • 2 white tank tops (Target)
  • black jeans (Black House | White Market)
  • grey motorcycle boots (Nine West)
  • cyclops sunglasses
  • plush toy Nibbler

DIY items (Leela):

  • arm band communicator (grey felt)
  • I spent three years growing my hair out, dying it purple the entire time
  • special delivery package (cardboard box + laminated Planet Express logo)
  • silver blaster (toy gun + coke bottle + silver spray paint)
  • clear plastic tote to carry Nibbler in so he can be seen for pictures

purchased items (Fry):

  • retro style Adidas
  • a can of Surge looks very much like "Slurm"
  • late 90's jeans (this was easy, since my husband graduated high school in 1999 all we had to do was look in his mom's basement for his old pants, haha)
  • white undershirt (yes really, that's what Fry wears under the red jacket)

DIY items (Fry):

  • red shirt (I made it from very lightweight quilting cotton so it's not too warm - a red jacket was simply out of the question for August in Atlanta)